A hush fell over the trees, their leaves gently bristling with anticipation and dread. The cold moon-kissed breeze lapped at a doorway held shut by snarling thorns, stirring up the dust that had been untouched for decades. It was tasting, teasing, tearing at something immoral and filthy, a tainted Briar-Rose. She had been buried far too long for her liking, but not long enough to the rest of the world. The breeze seemed to breathe life into her bloodless form, sweeping into her lungs and filling her head with a newfound purpose. 

Prologue 5

The vines untangled themselves from the door like cruel gnarled hands and the night blew into the crypt, whispered malevolence breaking like glass against the stone walls. The whispers found her in her tomb and extinguished some candles, leaving bleeding tendrils of smoke to swirl around her descending form. Lilith awoke with a sharp intake of breath, not quite used to being alert after her slumber.  Almost instantly, she knew that something had gone wrong – she’d been woken too early or too late. The coven was in ruins and there wasn’t a soul in sight. 

Prologue 4

Her eyes adjusted quickly to the dim lighting just as all her other senses began to tune themselves to her surroundings. The darkness presented itself as a large entity, swallowing up the entire space, save for the few candles left lit on her tomb. Lilith warily raised a hand, wanting to touch her face to check that her youth had remained; however, a slip of paper fell from her hands. Her hunger for answers compelled her to snatch the parchment up again and read it. 

Prologue 6

Bitter confusion gripped at Lilith, followed by white-hot waves of anger that threatened to drown her. Had humans done this? Had her coven been disturbed by those creatures, those weak and self-righteous animals? She slid off the icy tomb and scrunched up the letter, desperately hoping that the destruction implied in the letter had not occurred. But she knew it had. Vampires weren’t famous for their pranks. 

Prologue 3

The burning red had returned to her lips now, highlighting the spiteful scowl that had placed itself on her lips. No pesky humans would destroy her clan and expect to live peacefully after that. No, she would ensure that they were punished. Lilith slid her tongue over her fangs, delighting in just the thought of vengeful carnage. She would make the culprits pay. She would rebuild her coven. She would make them regret the day they ever trifled with the Olvera Coven.

Prologue 2

And she would enjoy every last second of it. 



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